Amicus Briefs in Support of Whole Woman’s Health


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The following lists the 45 amicus briefs filed in the Supreme Court in opposition to two provisions of Texas’ harmful and deceptive abortion clinic shutdown law, HB2. For press inquiries, please contact Natalie Munoz at For more information, please contact

Click here for a memo reviewing the amicus briefs.

Click here for a summary chart of each of the 45 amicus briefs with links to each brief. Attorneys for amici are noted in the table of contents.


Medical experts oppose these restrictions:

Scientific studies show that abortion is safe and that these restrictions will harm women:

Millions of Texas women will be adversely impacted by these restrictions:

Legal experts explain the errors in the Fifth Circuit’s decision in this case and urge reversal:

Experts explain how credible, competent evidence – not pseudoscience – must support the state’s health rationale and fails to do so here:

Women and physicians share their stories about obtaining or providing abortion:

The Texas restrictions will have negative economic implications:

Government agencies and officials oppose these restrictions:

Republican officials speak out against Texas’ intrusion into women’s liberty:

Religious leaders oppose these restrictions:

Economists and historians argue for careful court scrutiny of the Texas restrictions:

Texas restrictions will harm the healthcare marketplace: