El Salvador

Asuntos de enfoque

Teresa Is Free

Last week, 30-year-old Teresa held a photograph of her young son as she took the stand. She had been separated from him for three years after being wrongfully convicted of murder following a traumatic miscarriage…

They Almost Killed Me

When Cristina Quintanilla spoke into the microphone at last month’s Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) hearing in Washington, D.C., her voice was strong and straightforward—but underneath you could hear an undeniable uneasiness. …

Miscarriage of Justice

Last week, Guadalupe spent her first night at home as a free woman following seven years in prison. After mounting international and local pressure prompted the Salvadoran government to issue a pardon in her case, she was quietly released…

Justice Undone

With one of the world’s most extreme abortion bans, El Salvador prohibits women from receiving an abortion under any circumstance—not in cases of rape or incest, not even to save their lives. Since 1998, dozens of women have been wrongfully criminalized and imprisoned under this law—even