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Universal Periodic Review Fact Sheet: Permit Safe Abortion Services Through U.S. Foreign Assistance Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion 8 May 15
Shadow Report to the U.N. Human Rights Council on the Second Universal Periodic Review of the U.S. Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion, Access to Care, Other Financial Barriers, Other Barriers, Other Barriers, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, Funding for Reproductive Healthcare 6 May 15
The People's Budget Supports Access to Essential Reproductive Health Care Fact Sheets Funding for Reproductive Healthcare 24 Mar 15
Annual Report 2014 Books & Reports Abortion, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 23 Mar 15
Letter regarding Spanish abortion law reform Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion 20 Mar 15
Breaking Ground: Treaty Monitoring Bodies on Reproductive Rights Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 3 Feb 15
Reproductive Rights Rundown: January 2015 Fact Sheets Abortion, Young People's Rights, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 26 Jan 15
Fighting Back: Reclaiming Reproductive Rights in the 113th Congress and Beyond Books & Reports Abortion, Emergency Contraception, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Legal Restrictions, Other Barriers, Contraception 4 Jan 15
Moving in a New Direction: A Proactive State Policy Resource for Promoting Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Books & Reports Abortion, Access to Care, Sex Education, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Young People's Rights, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 22 Dec 14
NAMHHR v. Chhattisgarh Fact Sheets Abortion 25 Nov 14