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Title Issues Date
Annual Report 2015 Abortion, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 7 Jan 16
2015 State of the States: Fighting Back By Pushing Forward Abortion, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Other Barriers 7 Dec 15
Stand Up, Fight TRAP: A Policy and Advocacy Resource to Counter Clinic Shutdown Laws Abortion, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Other Barriers 7 Dec 15
Mandatory Waiting Periods and Biased Counseling Requirements in Central and Eastern Europe: Restricting Access to Abortion, Undermining Human Rights and Reinforcing Harmful Gender Stereotypes Abortion, Legal Restrictions 23 Nov 15
TxPEP Research Brief: Knowledge, opinion and experience related to abortion self-induction in Texas Abortion, Legal Restrictions 17 Nov 15
Letter to Committee on the Rights of the Child Re: Supplementary information on Bangladesh Young People's Rights 9 Oct 15
A Voting Rights Act for Reproductive Rights? Abortion, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions 1 Oct 15
Letter to Kerry on Las 17 in El Salvador Abortion, Access to Care, Definitions, Coercive Policies, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 25 Sep 15
Litigation: Protect the Right to Abortion Care Abortion, Legal Restrictions 17 Sep 15
Bans on Abortion at 20 Weeks: Unconstitutional, Unconscionable, and Unwarranted Abortion, Access to Care, Public Funding, Legal Protections, Other Financial Barriers, Coercive Policies, Legal Restrictions, Anti-Choice Harassment, Other Barriers, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, Funding for Reproductive Healthcare 14 Sep 15