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Title Doc type Issues Date
Standards, Framing and Developments in Reproductive Law: A Briefing by the Center for Reproductive Rights Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion 14 Jan 14
Human Rights at the Core of Sustainable and Just Development Fact Sheets Abortion, Young People's Rights, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 6 Jan 14
Fighting Back: Reclaiming Reproductive Rights in the 113th Congress and Beyond Books & Reports Abortion, Emergency Contraception, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Legal Restrictions, Other Barriers, Contraception 5 Jan 14
Ireland's Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013 Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion, Legal Restrictions 2 Dec 13
The Stakes are High: The Tragic Impact of Unsafe Abortion and Inadequate Access to Contraception in Uganda Books & Reports Abortion 20 Nov 13
Nuestra Voz, Nuestra Salud, Nuestro Texas: The Fight for Women's Reproductive Health in the Rio Grande Valley Books & Reports Abortion, Access to Care, Public Funding, Right to Care, Other Financial Barriers, Other Barriers, Other Barriers, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, Funding for Reproductive Healthcare 10 Nov 13
Shadow letter to the Human Rights Committee for its adoption of list of issues for Ireland Shadow Letters & Reports Abortion, Legal Restrictions 31 Oct 13
Fact Sheet: Access to Contraceptives in the European Union Fact Sheets Emergency Contraception, Contraception 15 Oct 13
Fact Sheet: A, B and C v. Ireland Fact Sheets Access to Care, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 13 Oct 13
Child Marriage in South Asia: Stop the Impunity Books & Reports Young People's Rights 10 Oct 13