Center for Reproductive Rights Calls on Senators to Hold the Line on Abortion Funding As Gang of Six Huddles This Weekend

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(PRESS RELEASE) Late today, the Center for Reproductive Rights called on the Senate and the Gang of Six to hold the line at the Capps Amendment which prohibits federal monies from being used to pay for abortion, but allows for employee contributions to pay for abortion. The six senators and aides are moving closer to finalizing a comprehensive healthcare bill and are scheduled to meet over the weekend to hammer out language on abortion, among other issues.  Nancy Northup, president of the Center, issued this statement:

"The Center for Reproductive Rights absolutely draws the line at the Capps Amendment for addressing abortion in the healthcare bill. Most private insurers offer abortion coverage and it is critical that there be no backsliding from the current state of affairs in the expansion of healthcare for millions of American women. The Capps Amendment, while not the optimal solution, does maintain the position outlined by President Obama in his Address on Wednesday and was agreed upon and passed out of committee by the Energy and Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives.

"If the Gang of Six compromise to be announced Monday further restricts options for women on abortion, then the Center for Reproductive Rights will have no course of action except to continue to aggressively pursue this issue through conference on the bills.  On the other hand, we note that should the Senate enact the Capps Amendment, the issue would not be eligible for consideration in conference."