Texas Policy Harms Undocumented Women

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Undocumented women in Texas often do not seek needed health care for fear of being stopped at checkpoints, while others are refused care due to their undocumented status. But in an op-ed in the Houston Chron, Center vice president of U.S. policy and advocacy Angela Hooton and National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health executive director Jessica González-Rojas speak out about ways to address the disproportionate harms to women and immigrants inflicted by Texas policies.

Hooton and González-Rojas advocate a human-rights-based approach to health policy:

Reproductive health care should be treated as a fundamental human right in our state. This means Texas should strengthen the investment in preventive care so clinics can serve women in all parts of the state, not just those in urban areas. It means expanding affordable reproductive health services so women never have to choose between paying for contraception and feeding their families. Further, it means training and recruiting health-care providers to treat all who come through their doors with respect and dignity.

The article coincides with a new report detailing how the state of Texas has systematically created a human rights crisis for women and immigrants.