Founded in 1992 by nationally recognized reproductive rights attorneys and activists, our experience and knowledge in the area of women's reproductive rights is unparalleled. Policy analysis, public education and cutting-edge legal work include:

  • Defeating extreme abortion bans in Michigan and Virginia

  • Protecting teens' access to confidential reproductive health care in Kansas and Alaska

  • Winning a landmark ruling from the U.N. Human Rights Committee that establishes access to abortion, where legal, as a human right

  • Negotiating a groundbreaking settlement with Mexico on behalf of a young rape victim who was denied a lawful abortion, the first time a Latin American government acknowledged that access to legal abortion is a human right

  • Taking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to court over the agency's refusal to make emergency contraception available over the counter to women of all ages

  • Reframing preventable maternal deaths as a human rights violation

  • Calling out the U.S. for racial inequities in reproductive healthcare before the UN

  • Exposing widespread physical and verbal abuse of women in Kenyan maternity wards

  • Promoting legal scholarship and teaching on reproductive health and human rights

  • Bringing to light dangerous new anti-choice strategies to overturn Roe v. Wade

  • Working with federal and state lawmakers in the U.S. to promote progressive policies and defeat proposals that would undermine women's reproductive health

  • Collaborating with more than 100 organizations in over 50 countries to strengthen reproductive health laws and policies