Center Leadership & Staff

Executive Team

Nancy Northup, President & CEO
Michelle Dees, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
Anne Matsui, Chief Development Officer
Vivian Siu, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Lourdes Rivera, Senior Vice President
Anthony Musyoka, Chief Human Resources Officer
Robin Willig, Chief of Staff

Center Staff

Office of the President

Robin Willig, Chief of Staff
Sarah Thomas, Executive Assistant to the President/Administrative Manager
Nicole Hamilton, Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Fatoumata Bah, Administrative Assistant

Strategy and Operations

Michelle Dees, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
Fiona Barr, Senior Director, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
Amelia Holstrom, Senior Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
June Tsang, Manager, Special Projects
Christina Lynch, Program Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
Marielle Carter, Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Anthony Musyoka, Chief Human Resources Officer
Iris McQuillan-Grace, Manager, Talent Acquisition
Lucy Vitale, Human Resources Assistant


Vivian Siu, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Geraldine Henrich-Koenis, Director, Media Relations
Stacy Morrison, Editorial Director
Carveth Martin, Senior Creative & Designer
Jeanne McCabe, Senior Digital Producer & Project Manager
John Mims, Senior Multimedia Producer
Gavin Broady, Senior Writer
Veronika Cernadas, Global Press Officer
Kelly Krause, U.S. Press Officer
Jane Mangwana, Communications Coordinator for Africa
Rodrigo Sandoval Araujo, Communications Coordinator, LAC
Katari Sporrong, Graphic Designer
Gabriel Lee, Digital Designer
Danielle Owen, Editorial Associate
Elizabeth Horwitz, Digital Assistant
Tamara Matheson, Communications Assistant


Anne Matsui, Chief Development Officer
Jill Aragones, Senior Director, Development
Darlene Larsen, Senior Director of Major Gifts
Jill Russell, Director, Donor Relations
Andrew Thompson, Director of Resource Development
Megan Moore, Director, Foundations and Development Operations
Ileana Futter, Senior Major Gifts Officer
Karlyn Bennehoof, Senior Major Gifts Officer
Elizabeth Coffey, West Coast Senior Major Gifts Officer
Emil McGloin, Senior Manager of Development Operations
Norma Asher, Development Writer
Adrienne Atiles, Manager of Institutional Giving, Global
Yana Domuschieva, Senior Manager of Donor Research & Trends
Jessica McCabe, Manager, Individual Giving
Fatima Saeed, Manager, Global Development Partnerships
Sarah Ogden, Senior Development Operations Associate
Genevieve Oliver, Senior Development Associate, Foundations
Mariel Brown, Major Gifts Associate
Casey Bauer, Major Gifts Associate
Emma Artley, Government Funding Associate
Nilofar Rahimzadeh, Donor Research Associate
Charlie Gliserman, Development Assistant

Finance & Administration

Laura A. Perozo, Senior Director, Finance & Administration
Daina Thomas, Controller
Paul Rudy, Senior Manager, IT
Philip Briggs, Senior Manager, Global Office Operations
Tim Dedman, IT Operations Manager
Ritika Kaushal, Accounting Manager, International
Eliana Isufi, Accounting Manager
Luis Castillo, Office Manager
Gerson Zayas, Accounting Associate
Allison Escolastico, Operations Assistant

Global Legal Program

Rebecca Brown, Director of Global Advocacy
Evelyne Opondo, Senior Regional Director for Africa
Leah Hoctor, Regional Director for Europe
Catalina Martínez Coral, Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean
Alejandra Cardenas, Deputy Director, Global Legal Program
Katherine Mayall, Director of Capacity Building, Global Legal Program
Lucy Minayo, Capacity Building Manager for Africa
Nyasha Chingore, Regional Manager for Africa
Purna Shrestha, Regional Manager for Asia
Carmen Cecilia Martinez Lopez, Regional Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean
Payal Shah, Senior Counsel for Asia
Onyema Afulukwe, Senior Counsel for Africa
Martin Onyango, Senior Legal Adviser for Africa
Katrine Thomasen, Senior Legal Adviser for Europe
Selome Argaw, Senior Legal Adviser for Africa
Marta González, Legal Advisor for Latin America & the Caribbean
Prabhakar Shrestha, Legal Advisor for Asia / Field Coordinator
Paola Salwan Daher, Global Advocacy Adviser
Meera Shah, Senior Legal Adviser, Global Advocacy
Elida Caballero Cabrera, Advocacy Adviser for Latin America & the Caribbean
Mirriam Nthenge, Advocacy Adviser for Africa
Mahendra Panta, Senior Finance & Office Manager for Asia
Claudia Moya, Senior Operations & Office Manager for Latin America & the Caribbean
Grady Arnott, Manager of Legal Research, Global Advocacy
Bryanna Raiche, Program Manager, Global Legal Program
Sebastian Rodríguez Alarcón, Program Manager for Latin America & the Caribbean
Prabina Bajracharya, Capacity Building Manager for Asia
Victoria Ojoo, Senior Operations and Office Manager for Africa
Alexandra Reidon, Office Manager for Geneva
Margaret Harpin, Legal Fellow, Capacity Building
Susan Wnukowska-Mtonga, Global Public Service Fellow
Kerrie Rowan, GLP Fellow
Julia Wang, Legal Fellow for Europe
Maria Fernanda Perico, Legal Fellow for Latin America & the Caribbean
Beatrice Odallo, Legal Fellow for Africa
Juan Felipe Riaño, Program and Office Coordinator for Latin America & the Caribbean
Mary Gaichiri, Program Associate for Africa
Sangya Shrestha, Program Associate for Asia
Emma Stoskopf-Ehrlich, Program Associate, Global Legal Program
Martina Nadeau, Legal Assistant for Asia,Capacity Building Initiatives & Institutional Projects
Angell Kim, Legal Assistant for Latin America & the Caribbean
Dagny Crepeau, Legal Assistant for Europe and Global Advocacy

Pro Bono

Marlene Halpern, Director of Pro Bono Services
Katie Niejadlik, Senior Manager, Pro Bono Services
Lindsay Keating, Manager, Pro Bono Services

US Programs

Lourdes Rivera, Senior Vice President
Lauren Elfant, Deputy Director
Seth Weintraub, Program Manager
Jyoti Pershad, Administrative Assistant

Judicial Strategy

Diana Kasdan, Director
Amy Myrick, Senior Staff Attorney
Scott Ruskay-Kidd, Senior Staff Attorney
Joel Dodge, Staff Attorney
Fran Linkin, Senior Manager of Research, US
Ellie Gardner, Program Associate

Lawyers Network

Aracely Muñoz, Director
Nicole Tuszynski, Senior Manager
Hannah Tennies, Assistant

US Human Rights

Risa Kaufman, Director
Pilar Herrero, Senior Staff Attorney
Karla Torres, Assisted Reproduction Policy Counsel
Breana Lipscomb, Manager, US Maternal Health
Alizeh Bhojani, Assisted Reproduction Policy Fellow
Carolina van der Mensbrugghe, Human Rights Fellow
Doménica Merino, Legal Assistant
Jasmine Santana, Human Rights Assistant

US Litigation

Julie Rikelman, Senior Director
Marc Hearron, Senior Counsel
Autumn Katz, Senior Counsel
Travis J. Tu, Senior Counsel
Jenny Ma, Senior Staff Attorney
Emily Nestler, Senior Staff Attorney
Genevieve Scott, Senior Staff Attorney
Leah Wiederhorn, Senior Staff Attorney
Gail Deady, Staff Attorney
Molly Duane, Staff Attorney
Michelle Moriarty, Staff Attorney
Rabia Muqaddam, Staff Attorney
Caroline Sacerdote, Staff Attorney
Hillary Schneller, Staff Attorney
Jessica Sklarsky, Staff Attorney
Alexandra Thompson, Staff Attorney
Hailey Flynn, Legal Fellow
Arielle Humphries, Legal Fellow
Christine Parker, Legal Fellow
Kirby Tyrrell, Legal Fellow
Helen Bolton, Senior Program Associate
Eman Abdelfadeel, Legal Assistant
Cara Scott, Legal Assistant
Serengeti Timungwa, Legal Assistant

US Policy and Advocacy

Susan Inman, Chief Counsel, Federal Policy and Advocacy
Elisabeth Smith, Chief Counsel, State Policy and Advocacy
Katherine Gillespie, Senior Federal Policy Counsel
Sara Outterson, Senior Federal Legislative Counsel
Jennifer Jacoby Altscher, Federal Policy Counsel
Shivana Jorawar, State Legislative Counsel
Agata Pelka, State Legislative Counsel
Freya Riedlin, Federal Policy Counsel
Stephanie Schmid, US Foreign Policy Counsel
Liz Wagner, Federal Policy Counsel
Ashley Gray, State Advocacy Adviser
Louisa Thanhauser, Manager, State Advocacy Initiatives
Edwith Theogene, Manager, Act for Women
Nkasi Akpaka, Legal and Policy Fellow
Nimra J. Chowdhry, State Legislative Fellow
Vandana Ranjan, Senior Program Associate
Hannah Wheelwright, Senior Program and Policy Associate
Jesalyn Ortiz, Senior Assistant, State Policy and Advocacy
Tottionna Matthews, Assistant, Federal Policy and Advocacy