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Press Releases Archive

Title Issues Date
Inter-American Commission Holds Hearing On Forced Sterilization Of Chilean Woman Living With HIV Right to Care, Discriminatory Policies, Maternal Death, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS 20 Mar 17
Federal District Court Permanently Blocks Mississippi’s Clinic Shutdown Law Abortion, Access to Care, Right to Care, Legal Protections, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS 17 Mar 17
Center for Reproductive Rights Statement on President Trump’s Proposed FY 2018 budget Abortion, Access to Care, Public Funding, Other Barriers, Other Barriers, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy, Funding for Reproductive Healthcare 16 Mar 17
Women Lawyers Express Concern Over Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Abortion, Legal Protections 15 Mar 17
Center for Reproductive Rights Statement on Congressional Proposal to Repeal the Affordable Care Act Abortion, Access to Care, Contraception, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 8 Mar 17
U.N. Committee: El Salvador Must Repeal Total Abortion Ban Abortion, Legal Protections, Maternal Death, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 6 Mar 17
Croatian Court Reaffirms Constitutionality of Women’s Access to Abortion Abortion, Legal Protections 2 Mar 17
Women’s Health Champions in Congress Reintroduce Historic Women’s Health Protection Act Abortion, Legal Protections 2 Mar 17
Texas Appeals Federal Court Order Blocking Unconstitutional Restrictions on Miscarriage and Abortion Care Abortion, Legal Restrictions, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 27 Feb 17
U.S. House Votes to Reverse Obama Administration Rule Protecting Women’s Access to Basic Health Care Access to Care, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 16 Feb 17