Title Issues Date
Center for Reproductive Rights, National Women’s Law Center, File Freedom of Information Act Request to Investigate HHS Division Devoted to Promoting Health Care Discrimination Abortion, Legal Protections 26 Jan 18
Senate to Consider Unconstitutional Nationwide Abortion Ban at 20 Weeks Abortion, Legal Protections 25 Jan 18
Whelan v. Ireland: Ireland Must Reform its Abortion Law to Prevent Violations of Women's Human Rights Abortion, Legal Restrictions 23 Jan 18
One Year Since Reinstatement, Global Gag Rule Has Devastating Impact on Women’s Health and Human Rights Worldwide Abortion, Legal Protections 23 Jan 18
Center for Reproductive Rights and We Testify Debut Video Series Commemorating 45th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Abortion, Legal Protections 22 Jan 18
The Center for Reproductive Rights Denounces Arrest of Pregnant Schoolgirls in Tanzania Abortion, Access to Care, Maternal Death, Coercive Policies, Legal Restrictions, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 16 Jan 18
Fact Sheet: The Global Gag Rule and Human Rights Abortion, Global Gag Rule, Legal Restrictions, Anti-Choice Harassment, Censorship 9 Jan 18
Florida Court Permanently Blocks Measure Forcing Women to Delay Health Care, Make Additional Trips When Seeking Safe, Legal Abortion Abortion 9 Jan 18
Gainesville Woman Care LLC d/b/a Bread and Roses Women's Health Center, et al. v. State of Florida, et al.: Final Judgment Abortion, Legal Restrictions 9 Jan 18
A State of the States 2017: A Proactive Push in the Wake of Whole Woman's Health Abortion, Definitions, Legal Protections, Legal Restrictions, Safe & Healthy Pregnancy 22 Dec 17