Ferguson v. City of Charleston: Amicus Brief in Support of Petitioners Submitted by Rutherford Institute


The Rutherford Institute hereby respectfully moves the Court for leave to file the following brief amicus curiae on behalf of Petitioners. Counsel for Petitioners has consented to the filing of this brief. The consent of counsel for Respondents was requested and refused.

The Rutherford Institute is an international, non-profit civil liberties organization with offices in Charlottesville, Virginia and internationally. The Institute, founded in 1982 by its President, John W. Whitehead, educates and litigates on behalf of constitutional and civil liberties. Attorneys affiliated with the Institute have filed petitions for writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court in more than two dozen cases, and certiorari has been accepted in two seminal First Amendment cases, Frazee v. Dept. of Employment Sec., 489 U.S. 829 (1989) and Arkansas Educational Television Comm’n. v. Forbes, 523 U.S. 666 (1998). Institute attorneys have filed over three dozen amicus curiae briefs in the United States Supreme Court, including recent criminal justice cases Wyoming v. Houghton, 526 U.S. 295 (1999), Slack v. McDaniel, 120 S.Ct. 1595 (2000), Illinois v. Wardlow, 120 S.Ct. 673 (2000), and Florida v. J.L., 120 S.Ct. 1375 (2000), as well as a multitude of amicus curiae briefs in the federal and state courts of appeals. Institute attorneys currently handle several hundred cases nationally, including numerous Fourth Amendment cases. The Institute has published educational materials and taught continuing legal education classes in this area as well.