Slovakia: Access to Contraceptives - The Social and Economic Benefits and Role in Achieving Gender Equality

The Center is working with its partners in Slovakia to advocate for the government to provide subsidized access to contraceptives for the most vulnerable populations. This fact sheet details Slovakia's obligations under international and European standards to provide access to contraceptives. They also explain the social and economic benefits of contraceptive use and debunk common myths around oral contraceptives.

From the fact sheet:

European Union (EU) Member States have committed themselves to achieving gender equality in all spheres of public and private life. Access to contraceptives is pivotal to meeting this goal. Reproductive autonomy and, specifically, the ability to control the number and spacing of one's children is essential to women's capacity to determine their own destinies and act as full members of society. Guaranteeing access to contraceptives has myriad social and economic benefits that translate into healthier, more productive lives for women. This factsheet outlines the socio-economic benefits of ensuring access to contraceptives, including its role in furthering progress towards gender equality.

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