Judge Condemns Latest Fed Delays on EC

Just weeks after issuing a landmark decision in the Center’s epic battle to make emergency contraception available to all women without a prescription, Judge Edward Korman was back behind the bench, once again lambasting the federal government for keeping this vital health care component beyond the reach of the women who need it. Irin Carmon, of Salon.com, offers a thorough collection of Judge Korman’s verbal lashings, including his echoing of an unrelated speech by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, which Korman used to emphasize the problem with identification requirements, noting that:

25 percent of African-Americans of voting age don’t have a photo ID, and [Korman] also dismissed the government’s suggestion that 15-year-olds, who usually aren’t eligible for a driver’s license, could use a birth certificate, since that’s not a photo ID. ”You’re disadvantaging young people, African-Americans, the poor — that’s the policy of the Obama administration?” said Korman.

Read the entire article at Salon to get the full breadth of Judge Korman’s frustration with the Obama administration for letting politics get in the way of a woman’s health care.

Download the full transcript of the court hearing >