Michigan Gov. Slammed for Signing Law

It is common practice for anti-choice legislators to sugarcoat their motives for passing laws that choke off access to reproductive health care. Michigan governor Rick Snyder has gone down the same path, indicating that he's trying to "strike a balance between women's rights and his own opposition to most abortions."  But there is no fairness in the legislation forced upon Michigan women, and Gov. Snyder shouldn't continue pretending there is. According to the Detroit Free Press:

[T]he more Snyder explains himself, the more apparent it is that those who seek to restrict Michigan women's access to safe, legal abortions have found a staunch ally in the governor's mansion.

Gov. Snyder's so-called balance will require providers to meet unnecessary, burdensome licensing requirements; prevent women from using telemedicine for safe medication abortions; and forces doctors to pry into women's lives to determine whether they're being coerced.

With Michigan's economic problems well-documented, you would think the state's citizens might wish their officials would stop legislating women's health and start creating jobs.