United Across the U.S.

Transforming this nation’s reproductive rights landscape, to one in which all women have access to the full range of reproductive health care, will require vigorous and widespread pressure on Congress from Americans.

On September 25, we took a huge step toward that goal with Unite Tonight. This national day of action drew high profile media attention and some very prominent advocates for our mission—but the night’s real stars were you.

About two hundred Unite Tonight Ambassadors signed up to host parties in their homes, from Wetumpka, Alabama, to Bellingham, Washington. They invited friends over to hear firsthand—from the Center’s president and CEO, Nancy Northup, and the State Advocacy and Policy Director, Angela Hooton—about what’s happening to reproductive health care because of extreme politicians and what we can all do about it.

They had some fun and probably learned a thing or two through our polls and trivia quizzes. And we suspect that they talked about why they Draw the Line with their friends, just as Academy Award-nominated actress Amy Ryan did when she sat down with our fabulous host, comedian and performer Michelle Maryk. At a flagship event in New York City, actress Stephanie March (Law and Order: SVU) and food critic and author Katie Lee (Iron Chef America) let it be known, too, that they’ve had enough of extremist politicians interfering with a woman’s personal decisions.

The excitement could be felt in the virtual world, too. Social media lit up with posts and pics from so many of the parties going on. And every supporter of our mission was likely thrilled to see critically acclaimed actor/director and social activist Mark Ruffalo urge his half million followers on Twitter to sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights.

Unite Tonight was a huge step in our ultimate goal—federal protection against the rampant attacks on the health care that is essential to all women. But our work is far from over. For now, speak out, speak loudly, and tell everyone you know that it’s time to Draw the Line.