Arkansas Redefines “Extreme”

Arkansas is moments away from becoming the state with the most extreme abortion ban in the country.

On February 21, 2013, the House of Representatives passed a bill outlawing abortions at 12 weeks of pregnancy. It will likely move quickly through the Senate and could land on Governor Mike Beebe's desk as soon as next week.

The Center immediately reached out to activists to tell Gov. Beebe to veto the bill and send a strong message to states throughout the country that attacks on women's health and rights will not stand. Supporters were also asked to stand in solidarity with Arkansas women by Tweeting #icARe to their social networks.

Plain and simple, Arkansas's 12 week ban on abortions is illegal, unconstitutional, and reckless. The legislature clearly has no interest in protecting the health, safety, or rights of women. Their only purpose is to dial the clock back 40 years on women's rights.

If passed, this extreme ban will either force women already facing tough economic circumstances to travel to a neighboring state to access constitutionally-protected health care or to turn to dangerous, clandestine options that could ruin or even end their lives.

What's happening in Arkansas is not an isolated attack. Last year, lawmakers in Ohio failed to pass early bans on abortion and, although similar measures have already been introduced this year in several other states, including North Dakota and Mississippi, no state has ever passed such a bill.

The Center for Reproductive Rights represents the sole provider of surgical abortion services in Arkansas and is committed to fighting this unconstitutional law if enacted.

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