Raising Our Voice

Hear the wrenching story that tells how terrible illegal abortion was and why we must all stand up in this fight for our rights.

Dee Dee Bridgewater had an illegal abortion. Forty-six years in her past, and she still feels the pain and humiliation of having to seek unsafe health care.

Now she wants to tell you about it—because she knows that access to abortion is under fire, and we all need to stand up in its defense.

It’s a hard story to hear. And an even harder one to tell. Back then, she was a young woman who had a plan for her future and the will to pursue it. Once she had the opportunity to do so, she went on to a phenomenal career as a world-renowned jazz singer and songwriter, winner of multiple Grammy awards as well as a Tony award. But she is also a mother to three daughters.

Dee Dee’s experience is deeply personal, but many of us can imagine the fear and desperation she must have felt at the time. And because she went through it, she knows exactly what is at stake today.

So please watch the video. And then send it to someone who may not yet know what is at stake. Tell them this is why we must protect women’s health from political interference with personal health decisions.