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9.22.10 - Members of Congress Speak Out Against the “Status Quo,” Following Healthcare Debate

Online Video: Hyde: The Status Quo is Not Ok

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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=karFlR8pNpU >

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02.02.10 - Center Calls on Congress to Stop Talking "Status Quo" around Public Funding for Abortion and Protect Women's Health

05.07.09 - Obama Budget Ignores Healthcare Needs of Millions of Women, But Rejects Wasteful Abstinence-Only Funding

01.21.09 - Center Calls on Obama to Strike Down Hyde on Roe Anniversary

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05.01.04 - Portrait of Injustice: Abortion Coverage under the Medicaid Program

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07.01.09 - U.S. Supreme Court Case Summaries: Griswold and Leading Abortion Cases

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