Report a Rights Violation


For over 25 years, the Center for Reproductive Rights has used the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right. We bring high-impact cases in the U.S. and around the world that expand access to reproductive healthcare, including birth control, safe abortion, prenatal and obstetric care, and unbiased information. We document violations of reproductive rights and hold governments accountable at the United Nations and other human rights fora. We work with policymakers to promote progressive laws and defeat proposals that are dangerous to women’s health. And we bring critical reproductive health and rights issues to the media’s attention.

Request Legal Help

You can help us. We want to collect as much information as possible about how laws and regulations affect a woman’s reproductive health and rights. We will use this information to identify legal trends, develop litigation and fact-finding missions, pursue legislative and policy reforms, and report abuses to regional and UN human rights bodies. If you think a law, policy, or practice violates your or someone else’s reproductive rights, please contact us. Provide as many details as possible, including the date or approximate date of a violation, if applicable. If you are seeking legal help from the Center in connection with any of these issues, please indicate as much. We will review all such requests.