We Won’t Go Back

Mark Ruffalo tell us a story about Roe v. Wade on its 41st anniversary—and talks about why the Women's Health Protection Act must become law.

It has been 41 years to the day since the U.S. Supreme Court, in its landmark Roe v. Wade decision, recognized the constitutional right of all women to make the very personal decision about having an abortion.

Every day removed from that ruling—which marked the end of a dark chapter in women’s history—it becomes increasingly important to remember how Roe changed America.

Mark Ruffalo has a story to tell about Roe. A story that reminds us what women went through before 1973. 

The story Mark tells is his mother’s. She passed it on to him because she wanted Mark to know how women in need were routinely dehumanized and shamed before Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. And that choosing to have an illegal abortion came with great risk.

Mark is passing the story on to us so that no woman—not his wife, not his daughters, and not anyone else’s—ever has to experience what his mother did.

How do we do this? We make sure the historic Women’s Health Protection Act becomes law. Because every day since Roe v. Wade, the opposition has been chipping away at women’s constitutional rights as protected by Roe. The attacks have only gotten more ferocious with each passing year. Today, a woman’s access to essential reproductive health care—and with it her health and safety—depends greatly on where she lives.

We will change that with the Women’s Health Protection Act. Watch the video. Then pass it on to your Representative and Senators in Congress so they know what women went through before 1973.