Free the El Salvador 17

Free the El Salvador 17


Update: Terrific news! On January 21, El Salvador approved a pardon for one of Las 17, Guadalupe, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison after having a miscarriage. Because of the hard work of activists in El Salvador, and supporters like you around the world, Guadalupe is free. Now, let’s keep fighting for the release of the rest of Las 17!

With one of the world’s most inhumane abortion laws, El Salvador prevents women from receiving an abortion under any circumstance—not in cases of rape or incest, not even to save her life. Dozens of women have been criminalized and imprisoned under this draconian law—even in cases of miscarriage, stillbirth and other pregnancy-related health emergencies.

Since El Salvador completely banned abortion in 1999, 17 women have been put behind bars for pregnancies that ended due to natural causes. All of them were sentenced with up to 40 years in prison—their legal and human rights flagrantly disregarded by the Salvadoran government.


Please lend your support to help restore the liberty and dignity every woman deserves to Las 17. Take action today to bring them home.

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