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From the record-turnout presidential election to referendums on state ballots, the results of Election 2020 will affect the reproductive rights landsc
November 24, 2020 - Election 2020 Wrap-Up: The Reproductive Rights Landscape: From the record-turnout presidential election to referendums o
As a global organization, the Center for Reproductive Rights advances reproductive rights as human rights around the world. In August, the Center secu
In Nigeria, millions of women have been harmed by the decades-long Boko Haram insurgency. They have lost their homes, loved ones, and suffered layers
Center professionals often participate in panels and events around the world addressing current topics in reproductive rights and health. Below are re
On November 10, the United States Supreme Court heard argument in a case that could end health care coverage in the middle of a global pandemic for te
United Nations Member States from around the world yesterday strongly recommended to the United States that it act to protect sexual and reproductive
On November 4, the United States Supreme Court heard argument in a case that could subject LGBTQ people and others to discriminati
Recent developments in Poland and Slovakia demonstrate the ongoing struggle to defend abortion rights against coordinated and systemic attac
In preparation for the upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the United States’ human rights record before the United Nations Human Rights Counc
Before being struck down earlier this month, Tennessee’s mandatory waiting period posed onerous obstacles for people seeking abortion care. Patients w
The Center for Reproductive Rights has issued an updated report after analyzing Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Commit
El Centro de Derechos Reproductivos reconoce la adopción, por consenso en Ginebra, de la resolución del Consejo de Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Un
The Center for Reproductive Rights has issued an analysis of the judicial rulings, writings and public advocacy of Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’
UPDATE: On October 30, the full Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals announced that on its own initiative it has decided to review this case, thus vacating
The Center for Reproductive Rights welcomes the United Nations Human Rights Council’s (HRC) adoption by consensus in Geneva today of a resolution titl
Just one day before a Tennessee medication abortion “reversal” law was to take effect, a federal district court issued a temporary restraining order b
Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment has institutionalized unequal access to reproductive health care by denying coverage of abortion care for people enroll
A new issue brief from the Center for Reproductive Rights and partner organizations details how the U.S. government has exploited the COVID-19 pandemi
UN human rights experts have declared that efforts by U.S. states to restrict access to abortion care during the COVID-19 crisis are violations of hum