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Nepalese Migrant Worker Free After Wrongful Imprisonment in Malaysia

Nirmala Thape has been set free following a yearlong ordeal during which she was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned after having an abortion in Malaysia…

Join us for the 2015 Center for Reproductive Rights Gala

Join the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Gala Host Committee on October 27th for our 2015 Gala to benefit the Center's groundbreaking work defending the lives and rights of women worldwide…

Center Attorney Talks Texas on NPR

A federal appeals court ruled earlier this week to uphold the Texas law that puts most of the state’s abortion clinics at risk of closure…

Nancy Northup in Time: It’s Personal, Not Political

A new study on fetal survival rates underscores the highly individual nature of reproductive health decisions and the importance of entrusting these decisions to those most affected by them, writes Center for Reproductive Rights president and CEO Nancy Northup in a

Op-Ed: Abortion ID Bill Unfairly Targets Immigrants

The following was published in the Austin American

Paraguay Denies Abortion to Raped 10-Year-Old

International outrage has been building since late last week, when The Daily Beast reported on the case of a pregnant 10-year-old in Paraguay who has been denied an abortion by…

Lawmakers Force Doctors to Mislead Patients

Last week, the state of Arizona further invaded the doctor-patient relationship when the governor signed a new law requiring abortion providers to inform their patients about a scientifically unproven intervention that claims to “reverse” medication abortion…

An “Abortion Ban” for Poor Women

Anti-choice politicians have pushed hundreds of different sham laws over the last few years, but all are designed to do just one thing: Make abortion care more difficult to obtain…

Colorado Proposes Ultimate Sham Law

Extremist Colorado politicians are making a risky move with a new piece of sweeping anti-choice legislation that could actually end up alienating moderate voters, according to a recent article in RH Reality Check

MSNBC: 42 Years After Roe, Nancy Northup Sees Danger and Hope

In a powerful op-ed on MSNBC.com, Center for Reproductive Rights president and CEO Nancy Northup takes stock of the continued fight for reproductive freedom on the 42nd anniversary of Roe