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New York Times Calls Out U.S. on Blanket Abortion Bans

In a recent opinion piece, the New York Times praises a new policy—passed in December as part of the federal spending bill—that will ease the longstanding and inhumane blanket ban on…

South Carolina: A Sign of Harmful Laws to Come?

Lawmakers in South Carolina have pre-filed an assortment of new legislation aimed at making it harder for women to access legal abortion care and birth control. Worse still, it’s a possible bellwether of what’s to come this year from state legislatures across the country…

LA Times Op-Ed: Anti-Choice TRAP Laws Exposed

Anti-choice state legislation has been alarmingly successful at limiting abortion access across the country over the last few years, writes CUNY Law Professor Caitlin Borgmann in an incisive opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times this week…

Spotlight on India Sterilization “Camps”

A recent Wall Street Journal article takes a look at some of the big-picture issues around the recent tragedy in Bilaspur, India, where 13 women…

Imprisoned in Malaysia After Legal Abortion

UPDATE: Following her conviction in November 2014, Nirmala’s case was appealed to the Penang High Court earlier this month. The judge determined that because she was not provided adequate interpretation at her trial, the conviction was invalid.

Warning: Pregnancy May Be Harmful to Your Civil Rights

“At no point in her pregnancy should a woman lose her civil and human rights,” assert the authors of a recent op-ed in the New York Times

Black Women’s Health: A Twitter Chat with SisterSong and Ebony

How do racial disparities in health care affect women of color?…

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