Litigation Briefing Series

The Litigation Briefing Series provides summaries and background information on high-impact cases that seek to strengthen legal protections for women’s reproductive rights in courts and human rights bodies around the world.

F.S. v. Chile
Forced Sterilization of H.I.V.- Positive Women

F.S., a young woman from a rural town in Chile, was forcibly sterilized without her knowledge or consent when she was just 20 years old because she is HIV-positive.

Women living with HIV encounter pervasive stigma and discrimination both on the basis of their gender and their HIV-status. The F.S. case seeks to bring to light these egregious violations of the rights of HIV-positive women and to establish a powerful precedent that governments have an obligation to protect the sexual and reproductive rights of HIV-positive women. Presented before the Inter-American Commission, the F.S. case is the first international human rights case to address the sexual and reproductive rights of women living with HIV and to seek government accountability for these violations.

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