Litigation Briefing Series

The Litigation Briefing Series provides summaries and background information on high-impact cases that seek to strengthen legal protections for women’s reproductive rights in courts and human rights bodies around the world.

Lourdes Osil v. Mayor of Manila
Access to Contraception Is a Human Right

In February 2000, the mayor of Manila issued Executive Order 003 (EO 003) to “promote” natural family planning and “discourage” so-called “artificial methods of contraception.”  Since then, EO 003 has operated as a de facto ban on modern contraceptives in public health centers in Manila city.

Y.M. is 35 years old. She earns between P150 and P300 ($3 to $6 USD) per day. Since EO 003 was implemented, she has had eight children. She asked for contraceptive pills at the Manila Hospital (Ospital ng Maynila), but the hospital denied her request. She sought sterilization at another hospital, but could not afford the P2000 ($42 USD) fee because of her financial responsibilities for her large family.

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