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Challenge to "Choose Life" License Plates Continues in Louisiana

Yesterday, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed an amended complaint challenging Louisiana's policy of issuing specialty license plates…

Latin American Courts Violate Reproductive Rights

Today the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Universidad de Los Andes School of Law (UNIANDES) released a report entitled Bodies on Trial: Reproductive Rights in Latin America, which is an English summary of the findings of Cuerpo y Derecho: Legislación y Jurisprudencia

Senate Passes Unconstitutional Abortion Ban

Flouting a decision by the United States Supreme Court that found a ban on so-called "partial-birth abortion" to be unconstitutional, the U.S. Senate today passed a nearly identical version of the abortion ban (S.3) in a 65-32 vote…

Abortion Providers Challenge Michigan Law that Impairs Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care and Threatens Providers’ Financial Stability

Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights asked a district court judge to block a Michigan law that could limit women's access to reproductive health care and put abortion

Letter to Members of the House of Representatives

Urging Opposition to a Partial Birth Abortion Ban…

Center for Reproductive Rights’ Expert Simon Heller to Testify Before Congress Against Abortion Ban

On Tuesday, March 25th, Simon Heller, Of Counsel, for the Center for Reproductive Rights will testify that an abortion ban pending before the House of Representatives is unconstitutional for the same reasons that led the U.S…

License for Life?

The Washington Times, Letter to the Editor, April 14, 2003
Nancy Northup, President, Center for Reproductive Rights

To the Editor:

Women in Indiana Forced to Make Two Trips to a Clinic in Order to Obtain an Abortion

Today, a judge denied a motion to prevent the Indiana mandatory delay law's "two-trip" requirement from taking effect, forcing women in Indiana to make two trips to their physician's office, at least 18 hours apart, in order to obtain an abortion…

Bush Administration Urged to Implement HIV/AIDS Initiative without Strings Attached

"Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $15 billion HIV/AIDS plan aimed at combating the AIDS pandemic internationally over the next five years. We applaud the House's decision because U.S…

Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care in Michigan no Longer at Risk After Law Suit is Settled

Michigan abortion providers have settled a lawsuit against the State to block a vague, new Michigan law that would have limited women's access to reproductive health care…