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Other Barriers

Sia, Jessica Williams, Leslie Jones, and more, to perform in All Access concert supporting abortion access for all

(PRESS RELEASE) On September 10, 2016, the nation’s leading reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations will host free music and cultural events that shine a light on the majority of Americans who support abortion rights and show how access to abortion benefits women, their…

Center for Reproductive Rights Calls on Texas to Abandon Latest Unconstitutional Attempt to Restrict Safe, Legal Abortion

(MEDIA ADVISORY) The Center for Reproductive Rights has submitted comments to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) in response to the Abbott administration’s latest…

Alaska Supreme Court Overturns Parental Notice Law

(PRESS RELEASE) Today, the Alaska Supreme Court found unconstitutional (PDF) a law requiring physicians to notify a parent, guardian, or custodian of a minor seeking…

June Medical Services v. Gee

(REVISED 6.13.2017) This lawsuit challenges seven abortion restrictions passed in Louisiana in 2016—including a

The Center


On June 27, 2016, The U.S. Supreme Court issued a historic decision striking down a Texas law designed to shut down most of the state’s abortion clinics with medically unnecessary restrictions.

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing To Restrict Women’s Access to Safe, Legal Abortion

(PRESS RELEASE)—Rather than fulfilling their constitutional duty to help fill the 25 current judicial vacancies in the federal court system currently in their charge, the Senate Judiciary Committee today instead held a hearing focusing on further restricting women’s constitutional right to…

U.N. Human Rights Expert Condemns Broad Range of Reproductive Rights Violations as Torture

(PRESS RELEASE) Child marriage, forced pregnancy testing in schools, abuse of women seeking maternal health services and restrictive abortion laws can amount to torture or ill-treatment and must be eradicated, according to a

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In the United States, state legislatures wield enormous power to control women's access to abortion and other reproductive healthcare services…
Human Rights defenders are the activists, including journalists, lawyers, judges, and healthcare providers, whose work allows others to exercise their human rights…