Funding for Reproductive Healthcare

Other Financial Barriers

Privatizing Women’s Reproductive Choices is a Bad Idea

"We are long past the time where we should consider abandoning the needs of women as a matter of political expediency. We cannot and should not negotiate away core rights for women, nor settle for a stigmatizing codification of the current, highly polarized abortion debate…

Obama Budget Ignores Healthcare Needs of Millions of Women (Nancy Northup’s Blog, The Huffington Post, May 7, 2009)

"President Obama's proposed 2010 budget fails to strike government funding restrictions on abortion, like the …

Abortion Providers Challenge Michigan Law that Impairs Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Care and Threatens Providers’ Financial Stability

Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights asked a district court judge to block a Michigan law that could limit women's access to reproductive health care and put abortion