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The tragic impacts of unsafe abortion care in Kenya are all too real.

In Kenya, abortion is allowed only when the life and health of the mother is at risk or in when a trained medical professional believes the situation to be an emergency…

The Center for Reproductive Rights Sues Kenyan Officials over recent Ban on Marie Stopes

NAIROBI (PRESS RELEASE) The Center for Reproductive Rights and co-counsel Sofia Rajab-Leteipan of Leteipan & Associates Advocates have today filed a case at the High Court, Nairobi, against Kenyan government officials…

Kenya’s High Court Rules in Favor of Woman Physically Abused During Delivery

(PRESS RELEASE) A pregnant woman who was unlawfully physically and verbally abused by hospital staff and deliberately left to deliver on the floor, today won a landmark case at the Bungoma High Court made possible with the support of the Center for Reproductive Rights…

Kenyan Government: Stop Sexual Violence

In the aftermath of the chaotic presidential election results in Kenya in early August and again in October, more than 50 accounts of rape and sexual violence have been identified throughout Kenya—including gang rape and beatings by members of security forces and militia groups…

Nurse Acquitted in a Pregnancy Complications Case

(PRESS RELEASE) Today the Court of Appeal of Kenya acquitted Jackson Tali, a registered nurse who was arrested and sentenced to death on murder charges.

Detention and Abuse of Women Seeking Maternal Health Services

On September 17, 2015, the High Court of Kenya issued a groundbreaking judgment in the case of Millicent Awuor (Maimuna) & Margaret Anyoso Oliele v. Attorney General and others, Constitutional Petition No. 562 of 2012…

U.N. Human Rights Expert Condemns Broad Range of Reproductive Rights Violations as Torture

(PRESS RELEASE) Child marriage, forced pregnancy testing in schools, abuse of women seeking maternal health services and restrictive abortion laws can amount to torture or ill-treatment and must be eradicated, according to a