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In Harm's Way: Grace's Story

In Harm's Way: The Impact of Kenya's Restrictive Abortion Law

In Harm's Way: Rosemary's Story

In Harm’s Way: The Impact of Kenya’s Restrictive Abortion Law

In Harm’s Way: Executive Summary

"I have seen so much misery at the Kenyatta National Hospital . . . where women with abortion-related problems have died and others lost uteruses.

The Center at CSW 2009

Why should reproductive rights be on the HIV/AIDS agenda? How do we hold governments accountable for the rights violations HIV-positive women suffer every day? The Center, drawing on its expertise in human rights law and reproductive healthcare, brought these issues to the table at the 2009 meeting of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).  …

Rights of HIV+ Women in Kenya

Women living with HIV in Kenya who seek medical care suffer multiple human rights violations and encounter daunting barriers to quality healthcare…

Shadow Letter: Kenya_Human Rights Committee_2005_English

Shadow Letter: Kenya_Human Rights Committee_2005_English…

Shadow Letter: Kenya_Committee on the Rights of the Child_2006_English

Shadow Letter: Kenya_Committee on the Rights of the Child_2006_English…

Kenya_African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights_2007_French

Kenya_African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights_2007_French…

Shadow Letter: Kenya_CEDAW_2007_English

Shadow Letter: Kenya_CEDAW_2007_English…