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Pakistan Court Orders Implementation of Measures to Address Obstetric Fistula

The Center for Reproductive rights welcomes a ruling by the Sindh High Court in Pakistan directing the government to implement measures to provide access to obstetric fistula care in the province of Sindh, including the creation of fistula repair centers and the recruitment of qualified…

The forgotten, rejected and neglected women of Pakistan: Kiran’s story.

UPDATE, January 2019: In response to the petition, the Health Department of Sindh has committed to establishing four fistula repair centers in the province to improve availability of fistula repair treatment.

Ending Impunity for Child Marriage in Pakistan: Normative and Implementation Gaps

Pakistan ranks sixth in the world in terms of absolute numbers of child marriage. As many as 21% of women are married before the age of 18. Child marriage triggers a continuum of harms that violate the rights of women and girls guaranteed by the Pakistan’s Constitution.

Pakistan Addresses High Rate of Fistula

The high court in Pakistan’s Sindh region is facing the country’s first case to seek recognition of the widespread incidence of obstetric fistula as a violation of women’s fundamental rights to dignity and life…

Pakistani High Court Calls for Response to Allegations Women Are Denied Maternal Health Services

(PRESS RELEASE) Today  the High Court of Sindh ordered the government of Sindh  to respond by September 29 to a petition alleging that the government has failed to prevent the high incidence of obstetric fistula, a treatable pregnancy-related injury that afflicts hundreds of women…

Combatting Child Marriage

The numbers are disturbing. According to a recent UNICEF study, one in nine girls in the developing world will marry before age 15; one in three will marry before 18. Some are as young as eight…