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Croatian Court Reaffirms Constitutionality of Women’s Access to Abortion

(PRESS RELEASE) Today the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia reaffirmed the constitutionality of access to abortion…

U.N. Committee Calls on Croatia to Expand Reproductive Health Services and End Discrimination Against Women

(PRESS RELEASE) The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW Committee) has called on the Croatian government to take concrete steps to improve the quality of care provided to pregnant women during child birth. It also called on Croatia to ensure…

UNESCO Calls for Comprehensive Sex Ed

Comprehensive sex education has gotten a major boost from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Earlier this month, the agency released international sex education guidelines

Shadow Letters Bring Reproductive Rights to Light

The Center celebrated the recent concluding observations on Ecuador, Croatia and Moldova from the U.N. Human Rights Committee, which reaffirm the obligation of these states to guarantee reproductive rights

Human Rights Committee Reviews Croatia

In March and September of 2009, the Center for Reproductive Rights, together with the Center for Education, Counseling and Research (CESI), and Interights, submitted shadow letters on Croatia to the…

Croatia is Condemned by European Social Rights Body for Homophobic School Text Books

(PRESS RELEASE) The European Committee of Social Rights, which monitors state compliance with the European Social Charter, has found that Croatia's limited curriculum covering sex education discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation…

Interights v. Croatia (European Social Charter Collective Complaints Mechanism)

The case challenged the sexual education curriculums in Croatia that are religious and ideology-based models.

The Center

U.S.-based Sex-Ed Program Challenged in International Human Rights Case: Center Charges that Croatia is Endangering the Lives of its Young People

In October 2007, the Center for Reproductive Rights along with partners filed the first human rights legal challenge to a faith-based sex-education program based in the U.S…