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French President Approves Gender Equality Law

(PRESS RELEASE) France affirms that women can obtain an abortion without restriction as to reason during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy with passage of a sweeping gender equality law today by President François Holland…

Women Must Have Control Over Their Own Bodies

Earlier this year France was the latest to join a handful of progressive countries to expand access to reproductive health services — with its National Assembly amending the country’s laws to affirm a woman’s right to an abortion through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and criminalize…

France: Reproductive Health Care Now Free

As of April 1, women in France who need an abortion can get one without worrying about whether they can afford it. The government will pay 100 percent of the cost. The legislation also includes a measure to pay for the total cost of contraception for adolescent girls age 15 to 18…

Gauer and Others v. France

In August 2011, the Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners filed an amicus brief to the European Court of Human Rights in support of Joëlle Gauer and Others —five women with mental disabilities in France who were forcibly sterilized—arguing that forced sterilization constitutes

The Center

Human Rights Groups Unite Against Forced Sterilisation of Five Women with Disabilities in France

On the 16 August, the Center for Reproductive Rights, European Disability Forum, Interights, International Disability Alliance and Mental Disability Advocacy Center, submitted written comments to the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Gauer and Others v…

Vo. v. France (European Court of Human Rights)

Filing date: November 26, 2003

Country/Region: France

Center Attorney(s): Christina Zampas

The Center

Center for Reproductive Rights Statement on Senate’s Vote to Repeal the Global Gag Rule

The Center for Reproductive Rights calls on President Bush to sign the bill repealing the Global Gag Rule…

Court Rejects Use of European Human Rights Law to Establish Fetal Rights

In a case that could have undermined abortion rights across Europe, today the European Court of Human Rights refused to treat a fetus as a person under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms…