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UK Supreme Court Recognizes that Northern Ireland’s Abortion Ban Contravenes Human Rights Law and Requires Radical Reconsideration

(GENEVA) The Center for Reproductive Rights welcomes today’s recognition by the UK Supreme Court that Northern Ireland’s highly restrictive abortion law contravenes the European Convention on Human Rights. …

Outcome of Irish Referendum on Abortion is a Momentous Result for Reproductive Rights

(GENEVA) The Center for Reproductive Rights celebrates today’s referendum result in favour of repeal of the Irish constitutional prohibition on abortion as a deeply historic moment for women’s reproductive health and rights in Ireland and globally. …

Whelan v. Ireland: Ireland Must Reform its Abortion Law to Prevent Violations of Women's Human Rights

In June 2017, the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled for the second time that by prohibiting and criminalizing abortion, Ireland violated a woman’s fundamental human rights. In the case of Whelan v. Ireland, the Committee held that by prohibiting Ms…

Irish Parliamentary Committee Recommends Abortion Law Reform

(PRESS RELEASE) Today the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution—a select committee of the

Leading the Charge

One year ago, in June 2016, the Center for Reproductive Rights won the most significant abortion-access case at the Supreme Court in decades. The landmark Whole Woman’s Health v.

Cruel and Inhuman

Every year, as a result of Ireland’s abortion laws, thousands of women in the country must travel abroad to obtain legal abortion services…

U.N. Committee: Criminalization of Abortion in Ireland Violates Woman's Human Rights

(PRESS RELEASE) The United Nations Human Rights Committee has just ruled for the second time that Ireland’s abortion laws subjected awoman to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment…

Mellet v. Ireland

Ireland’s abortion laws subjected a woman to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, according to a landmark decision from the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

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