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Your voice counts – sign the petition now to urge the Costa Rican government to permit women to receive the medical care they need.

FIV en Costa Rica

La nueva Hoja Informativa del Centro de Derechos Reproductivos presenta la decisión de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (en adelante Corte IDH) el Caso Artavia Murillo y Otros (“Fecundación in Vitro) v. Costa Rica resuelta por la Corte en diciembre de 2012…

Access to EC in Latin America Takes Center Stage at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

(PRESS RELEASE) Healthcare professionals, lawyers, policymakers, and reproductive health advocates are gathering today in Washington, D.C. to testify on emergency contraception restrictions in Latin America, specifically in Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Honduras…

Unspeakable Cruelty

Aurora was on the way to her friend’s house when the bleeding started. She was pregnant.

The visit with her friend was supposed to be celebratory, as she planned to announce that she and her husband would finally be starting the family they wanted…

Despite Country’s Own Laws, Costa Rica Continues to Deny Women Legal Abortion

(PRESS RELEASE) The Costa Rican government continues to violate women’s fundamental human rights and its own laws by denying pregnant women medically necessary abortion services, according to a new petition filed today by the Center for Reproductive Rights and Colectiva por el Derecho a…

Inter-American Court of Human Rights Declares Costa Rica’s Ban on In-Vitro Fertilization a Human Rights Violation

(PRESS RELEASE) Costa Rica’s longstanding ban on in-vitro fertilization—which has barred countless individuals from building their families for almost 12 years—is set to come to an end…

Associated Press: Court strikes down Costa Rica in-vitro ban

"A Costa Rican ban on in-vitro fertilization has been struck down by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in a decision that reproductive health groups said could lead to greater access to abortion and some contraception in other Latin American countries.

Costa Rica’s IVF Ban and the Future of Reproductive Rights in Latin America

Miguel and Ileana worked together for one year at a car dealership in the late 1980s. They fell for each other in 1989 and in love shortly thereafter. They married in 1992, Ileana's three-year-old little girl took Miguel's last name, and the Yamunis became a family. …

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