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María Mamerita Mestanza Chávez v. Peru (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights)

Filing date: Petition filed June 15, 1999 by CLADEM, DEMUS and the Association for Human Rights (APRODEH)

Country/Region:  Peru

Plaintiff(s): Maria Mestanza

The Center

Concluding Observations: Peru_CEDAW_1998_English

Concluding Observations: Peru_CEDAW_1998_English…

Shadow Report: Peru_CEDAW_1998_Spanish

Shadow Report: Peru_CEDAW_1998_Spanish…

Concluding Observations: Peru_Human Rights Committee_2000_Spanish

Concluding Observations: Peru_Human Rights Committee_2000_Spanish…

Concluding Observations: Peru_Human Rights Committee_2000_English

Concluding Observations: Peru_Human Rights Committee_2000_English…

Shadow Letter: Peru_CEDAW_2002_Spanish

Shadow Letter: Peru_CEDAW_2002_Spanish…

Our Work in Focus

Six years ago this week, the Center for Reproductive Rights won a groundbreaking victory for the women of Peru and around the world . For the first time, an international human rights body condemned a country for failing to provide abortion services that were both legal and essential to the health of a woman, violating her fundamental human rights in the process…