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Center for Reproductive Rights Challenges Louisiana Clinic Shutdown Laws One Year After Historic Supreme Court Decision

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Center for Reproductive Rights today filed a new lawsuit against the state of Louisiana’s clinic licensing…

June Medical Services v. Gee

(REVISED 7.12.2017) The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a new lawsuit against the state of Louisiana’s

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Senate Republicans Unveil Dangerous Health Care Bill Which Robs Millions of Health Care, Withholds Abortion Coverage for Virtually All Women in the United States

(PRESS RELEASE) Senate Republicans today unveiled their health care bill that dismantles the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and pushes health care out of reach for millions of people. …

Center for Reproductive Rights, ACLU File New Lawsuit Challenging Four Abortion Restrictions Passed in Arkansas This Year

(PRESS RELEASE) The Center for Reproductive Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the ACLU of Arkansas filed a new lawsuit in federal district court…

Frederick W. Hopkins, M.D., M.P.H. v. Larry Jegley, et al.

This case, filed on behalf of a woman’s health care provider in federal district court by the Center for Reproductive Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the ACLU of Arkansas, is a challenge to four abortion restrictions passed in Arkansas in 2017.  Specifically, the

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Trump Budget Cuts Harm Black Women and Kids Most

In another blow by the Trump administration, proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency would disproportionately affect low-income families, especially black women and their children.

New Directors Join Board of Center for Reproductive Rights

(PRESS RELEASE) The Center for Reproductive Rights, a global legal advocacy organization that fights to ensure reproductive rights are guaranteed in law as human rights, announced five new members of the organization’s Board of Directors…

Expanded Global Gag Rule Is More Dangerous Than Ever

In a reckless move that will have life-threatening consequences for women around the world, President Donald Trump has released details about his expanded Global Gag Rule, which virtually restricts all global health assistance provided by the U.S. federal government…

Our Work in Focus

In June 2015, the Center for Reproductive Rights partnered with SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective to host Black Mamas Matter, a cross-sectoral convening of leaders on Black maternal health…
Across the United States, Black women die or suffer serious illness during and after childbirth in dramatically disproportionate numbers—three to four times higher—than do their white counterparts…
(PRESS RELEASE) Women in Texas and across the country continue to face discrimination and extreme barriers to basic health care services like abortion—according to independent experts from the United Nations (U.N.) Working Group on Discrimination against Women in Law and in Practice…
With the recent clinic attack in Colorado, repeated congressional efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and an upcoming abortion rights battle at the U.S. Supreme Court, the assault on women’s reproductive health care has become impossible to ignore…