Engaging Policymakers

In Washington D.C.

Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Re: ACA

Along with 29 other organizations, the Center urges Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse the Justice Department’s recent decision to not defend some provisions of the ACA, a move that could be especially harmful to women…

Center for Reproductive Rights Denounces Trump Administration’s Attack on Title X Family Planning Program

(PRESS RELEASE) Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights denounced the Trump administration’s latest move to block women’s access to critical health care through a proposed rule that would prohibit granting federal Title X family planning funds to family planning providers that also perform…

Incomplete Human Rights Reporting at the State Department

Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, called on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to reverse his predecessor’s decision to omit reproductive rights from the State Department’s annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

Center for Reproductive Rights Condemns State Department for Dropping Reproductive Rights from Human Rights Reports

(PRESS RELEASE) Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights called on the State Department to issue complete reports after stripping reporting on women’s reproductive health and rights from its annual country reports on global human rights…

Over 250 Reproductive, Civil and Human Rights Organizations Call on ICE to Discontinue Policy on Detaining Pregnant Individuals

(PRESS RELEASE) Today, a broad coalition of over 250 civil and human rights organizations called on the U.S…

Trump Administration to Strip Mention of Reproductive Health and Rights in State Department Human Rights Report

In the latest move of a long string of attacks by the Trump administration on women’s health and rights, the State Department has been directed to censor mentions of women’s reproductive rights and discrimination in its annual report on human rights, according to

Senate Rejects Unconstitutional Nationwide Abortion Ban at 20 Weeks

(PRESS RELEASE) — Today, the Senate rejected an unconstitutional federal ban on abortions at 20 weeks…

Center for Reproductive Rights, National Women’s Law Center, File Freedom of Information Act Request to Investigate HHS Division Devoted to Promoting Health Care Discrimination

– (PRESS RELEASE) The Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Women’s Law Center filed today a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)