Center for Reproductive Rights Calls on Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to Veto Blatantly Unconstitutional Abortion Ban (Veto Letter Included)

The Oklahoma Senate advanced a measure today which bans abortion by making it a felony for any person to perform or induce an abortion.  The measure—which is the first of its kind--now heads to the desk of Governor Mary Fallin (R), who has 5 days to sign the measure after it is presented to her before it automatically becomes law. 

Since Governor Fallin took office in 2011, she has signed 18 bills restricting access to reproductive health care services, including a Texas-style clinic shutdown law, a ban on the most common method of second trimester abortion, unconstitutional restrictions on medication abortion, and a law that forces abortion providers to perform an ultrasound and display and describe the image. In fact, the Center for Reproductive Rights has challenged unconstitutional restrictions on reproductive health care in Oklahoma eight times in five years.

The Center for Reproductive Rights is calling on Governor Fallin to veto this unconstitutional measure in a letter found here.

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