Case against Oklahoma Ultrasound Law Continues

Today, Oklahoma state judge Vicki Robertson denied a motion by Oklahoma to dismiss our challenge to the state's ultrasound abortion law.

The law prohibits a woman from getting an abortion unless she first has an ultrasound and listens to her doctor describe the image in detail. The Center for Reproductive Rights is arguing that the Oklahoma law profoundly intrudes upon a patient's privacy, endangers her health, and assaults her dignity. 

Now that the state's attempt to dismiss the case has been denied, there will be a hearing on March 30 on our request for a preliminary injunction.  The injunction would block the state from enforcing the law until there is a final decision in the case.  On October 29, 2008, Judge Robertson issued a temporary restraining order against the law.

Watch Center Attorney Stephanie Toti discuss the case on Eyewitness News 5 Oklahoma City >