Center for Reproductive Rights Denounces Trump Administration’s Push for Medicaid Work Requirements

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Statement from Nancy Northup, President &, CEO of Center for Reproductive Rights, criticizing the Trump Administration’s move to pave the way for states to establish first-ever work requirements for Medicaid recipients. Work requirements have never been permitted in the program’s 52-year history.

“The Trump Administration is systematically chipping away at programs that protect the health and well-being of Americans, and women in particular.

“Medicaid is a health care safety net that many rely on because they have no other options. The majority of Medicaid enrollees are women, and one-in-five women of reproductive age get their reproductive health care covered through Medicaid. A majority of Medicaid recipients are already working, so this harsh policy targets recipients who are struggling or unable to find work.

“States legislatures and governors around the country should act now to safeguard Medicaid and continue to provide affordable access to medical care for those who need it the most.”

During his first year in office, President Trump has made it a cornerstone of his agenda to undermine health care programs and dismantle millions of women’s access to reproductive health care and rights. The Administration has led multiple attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), issued interim final rules that could cut back access to birth control, and stacked the Department of Health and Human Services with numerous anti-choice activists in key positions.