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Los Angeles Times: Philippines president signs law easing access to contraceptives

"Philippines President Benigno Aquino III has signed legislation that will provide modern contraceptives to the nation’s poorest people and mandate sex education in public schools.

Associated Press: Court strikes down Costa Rica in-vitro ban

"A Costa Rican ban on in-vitro fertilization has been struck down by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in a decision that reproductive health groups said could lead to greater access to abortion and some contraception in other Latin American countries.

Wall Street Journal: Abortion Clinic Presses to Stay Open

"Mississippi's only abortion clinic says it won't be able to meet a requirement of a new state law that tightens regulations for abortion providers, and has asked a federal judge to prevent state officials from revoking its license.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation: Center files case on unlawful detention

"The Center for Reproductive Rights has Friday filed a case before the High Court of Kenya on behalf of two women who were illegally detained in Pumwani Maternity Hospital in Nairobi for their inability to provide full payment for maternal health services they received.

Associated Press: Oklahoma Abortion Laws Unconstitutional, State Supreme Court Rules

"Oklahoma laws requiring women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound image placed in front of them while they hear a description of the fetus and that ban off-label use of certain abortion-inducing drugs are unconstitutional, the state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

RH Reality Check: Silence and Denial Don't Work: Ireland, Malta, the European Union and the Lessons of Savita's Death

Much has been said about the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar in Galway, Ireland last month…

DailyBeast: Martha Plimpton on Women’s Rights, Sandra Fluke, and Organization A is For

“…[B]ack in February of this year, a young woman named Sandra Fluke was invited to testify before Rep. Darrel Issa’s hilariously banana republic-style hearings on the contraceptive coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act…

Strasbourg Observers: P and S v. Poland - Adolescence, vulnerability, and reproductive autonomy

This week, the European Court of Human Rights issued its decision in P and S v. Poland, a case of a Polish teenager who became pregnant as a result of rape and was humiliated, harassed, and manipulated in her quest for a legal abortion…

DailyBeast: Isabel Allende-How a Mysterious Baby Girl Sparked My Fight for Women

"Nearly two decades ago, I took a trip to India that would change my life. Touring some rural areas in the country, our driver stopped in the middle of nowhere to cool the engine. We saw a small group of women and children under an acacia tree and my friend and I walked toward them…