CRR Statement on Anti-Choice Lawmakers' Weekly Introduction of Extreme & Radical Measures

Including SD Bill Legalizing Murder of Abortion Providers

(PRESS RELEASE) "It's getting to the point that almost every week you can count on the anti-choice movement to propose an outrageous piece of legislation that completely disregards women's rights and defies common sense. Yesterday, we learned that South Dakota has introduced a bill that would expand the definition of 'justifiable homicide' in such a way that legalizes the murder of an abortion provider by nearly any relative of a woman seeking an abortion. Last week, the House of Representatives held hearings on legislation that would allow hospitals to refuse a woman an emergency abortion to save her life. And at the beginning of the month, the same members of Congress wanted to dial back the definition of 'rape' to the nineteenth century.

"The Center's research has shown that abortion providers operate under siege from death threats to break-ins at their offices and homes to physical assaults by protesters. It is shocking that any elected official would propose such a measure, particularly in the current climate in which violence is perpetrated against abortion providers."