House Poised to Pass Anti-Woman, Anti-Child, Anti-Health Budget

(PRESS RELEASE) The House of Representatives is poised to pass a Republican spending plan that cuts or eliminates funding from numerous programs that assist in providing health services to poor women and their infants, pregnant women, and children.  Among others, the programs include Title X, which supports low-cost family planning services that would otherwise be out-of-reach for poor women; the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) which provides food assistance to low-income women and their babies; Maternal and Child Health Block Grants which give low-income pregnant women, mothers and their children access to healthcare.  A vote is scheduled for later tonight.  Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, issued this response:

“The new House majority’s month-long parade of anti-woman, anti-health, and anti-child proposals is the most vicious attack on women’s health and rights in several decades. No pot has been left un-emptied in women’s health services.  The new House has targeted everything from birth control to food assistance to abortion coverage to poison control centers to international family planning.

“Late today or tomorrow, millions of families’ access to basic medical care will be officially on the chopping block. If anti-choice politicians have their way, the House will vote to wipe out funding for Title X and leave millions of poor families without access to affordable preventive services such as contraception; screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes or breast and cervical cancer; and pelvic exams. If low-income women and men can’t afford these basic medical services then they can’t prevent health issues before they occur. Federal funding for Planned Parenthood is also on the line, pulling the rug out from under millions of families who depend on them for essential healthcare.

“And it only gets even more ruthless. The House budget also includes cuts that will take food from poor women and their babies; pre-natal services from pregnant women; and pediatric care from children.

“It is crystal clear that the new House is aiming for women’s health and they’re taking no prisoners. It is now up to the Senate and the White House to inject some humanity and common sense into this debate, and stop the House cold in its tracks.”