Documenting the Stakes in Mississippi

Our work at the Center for Reproductive Rights is founded on the irrefutable truth that a woman's decisions about her health are personal and deeply private. Yet the vast majority of enacted legislation involving reproductive health care gives little, if any, consideration to the emotional capital or the very real consequences at stake when a woman makes choices about her reproductive future. A new documentary film called The Last Clinic aims to do just that, according to an article in Wired:

"I think people like to theorize—they like to talk about it at a level that throws out the human element, and when you get into the human element of what's going on, I think it changes the game a little bit. I think when you see a human face on an issue, it's easier to relate to," says Maisie Crow, director of The Last Clinic.

The subject of the film is the Jackson Women's Health Organization, a longtime client of the Center and the sole abortion clinic in Mississippi. Anti-choice legislators in the state have a long history of blocking women's access to constitutionally protected services. Now, they are dangerously close to forcing women to go out of state to obtain reproductive health care. 

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