"Not My Tax Dollars" Campaign Hits the Blogosphere

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Yesterday, the Center launched a new video campaign on healthcare that shows the arbitrary nature of current federal funding restrictions on abortion. We highlight the harmful impact of the Hyde Amendment and the double standard when it comes to how federal tax dollars are spent.

We asked some popular progressive bloggers and activists, including Jay Smooth, Aimee Thorne-Thompson, Melissa Harris Lacewell, Sarah Seltzer, Jesse Taylor, Amanda Marcotte, Heather Corrina, Jill Filipovic, Allison Kilkenny, Jamie Kilstein, to submit their own videos answering the simple question:

"Some in Congress don’t want federal money going to fund abortions. I don’t want MY tax dollars spent on _________."

Here's what they had to say.

The response to the video has been tremendous in the blogosphere and on Twitter.

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Send us your own 20 second video rant of what you don’t want your tax dollars spent on by January 20, 2010, and you might be included in our next big video!