Press Releases

Human Rights Groups Call on Slovakia to Address Illegal Sterilization of Romani Women

Today, nine international human rights groups joined forces to urge Slovakia to conduct an impartial and adequate investigation of illegal sterilizations of Romani women…

Four Women Imprisoned for Abortion Granted Amnesty by Nepal's King

Four women imprisoned on abortion and related charges were released by King Gyanendra this week as part of a birthday tradition that involves granting amnesty to some prisoners…

Judge Enjoins Virginia’s Abortion Ban

Richmond, VA

Nepal's King Urged to Continue Commitment to Human Rights by Releasing Women Imprisoned for Abortion

New York, NY
Women’s rights groups are urging King Gyanendra of Nepal to continue his commitment to human rights by releasing women imprisoned for abortion and related charges. As is tradition, each year the King of Nepal grants amnesty to some prisoners on his birthday.

U.S. Supreme Court Reaffirms American's Right to Privacy in Landmark Case

New York, NY - In an historic decision, the U.S. Supreme Court today struck down a Texas sodomy law that singled out gay people for criminal prosecution…

Abortion Clinic asks North Dakota Supreme Court to Affirm Ruling Rejecting Abortion-Breast Cancer Scare Tactic

In an argument before the North Dakota Supreme Court on Wednesday, the Red River Women's Clinic will ask the State Supreme Court to affirm a lower court ruling rejecting the plaintiff's abortion-breast cancer…