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Abortion Rights in Trouble New Study Shows:

New York, NY …

New Abortion Study Finds: If Roe were Overturned Today, Millions of Women in More than Half the Country Could Lose Access to Abortion

Washington, DC |

Report will be available online October 5, 2005.



Report Exposes Failure of Law to Address Reproductive Health Problems in India

New Delhi, India

Media Advisory

Indian release of Women of the World: Laws and Policies Affecting Their Reproductive Lives - South Asia.

Federal Abortion Ban Struck Down in Nebraska Case: Third Court Finds Ban Unconstitutional

Lincoln, NE
Learn more about the federal abortion ban

Court Shuts Down Man Who Fakes Abortion Services in Louisiana

After a hearing today, Judge Stanwood R. Duval of the U.S…

Man Who Fakes Abortion Services to Appear in Hearing Wednesday

Defendant Expected to Represent Himself in Court As More Victims Come Forward…

Judge Blocks Enforcement of Kansas "Kiss and Tell" Law

Ensures Confidential Health Care for Teens…